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Matthew Johnson

Buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customer profile. They help marketing, sales, customer services and many other business functions operate effectively, placing the customer at the centre of all activities.

Creating generalised buyer personas will shape your marketing strategy, helping your business to truly serve its prospects and customers in a way that resonates with them. Buyer personas allow you to meet prospects and customers on their terms, humanising automated interactions.

Many companies don’t spend long enough researching and defining their personas, so they end up with something that doesn’t really work. The goal is to have a…

If you’ve read our previous posts, or been in digital marketing for any length of time, you’ll know how important content marketing is to helping you reach your business goals, not least by helping ensure your content ranks well in search engine result pages (SERPs).

But getting Content Marketing right is an art.

It isn’t 100% straightforward to get the balance right between ensuring your content reads well, educates its readers and ranks well on Google.

There are however things you can do to ensure you’re given your content the best possible chance of being found and read by your…

The marketing and sales landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years. We’ve moved from the world of outbound marketing and sales where it was all about going out to the market and showcasing our product or service to a largely cold market, in the hope for the odd person to be in the right place at the right time to become a buyer of what you had to offer.

Now, with the wealth of research and information at the buyer’s fingertips, it is about earning your prospective buyer’s attention and then pulling them further down a conversion funnel…

Do you need to do on-page optimisation for your website?

Yes. Simply speaking, optimising your on-page SEO will give your web pages a far better opportunity to rank in search engines for target keywords.

If you already produce a lot of content for your website or you’re just getting started, this guide about on-page technical SEO is meant to help you understand the best practices for delighting the user and search engines.

In this introductory guide we’ll cover:

  • Meta ‘hreflang’
  • Schema markup
  • Title tags
  • Heading tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Content strength
  • Image optimisation

Meta hreflang.

Hreflang is used as a signal to inform…

Over the years, you’ve probably had the same issues that many have. You get plenty of visitors and readers to your blog posts per month but the majority of them aren’t converting into paying customers. There is a way however to convert those readers into paying customers.

Most people will tell you that it’s the content that you write, it’s not related enough etc. Sure that’s part of it but there is no guarantee that just because you write related content you’re going to convert your readers into customers. …

As many of you may have heard, in May 2021 Google’s search algorithm will be receiving an update dubbed the ‘Page Experience’ update.

The new page experience update consists of several metrics from the new Core Web Vitals data as well as other metrics including mobile friendliness, web safety and interstitials (ads that appear while a page loads).

In May of 2020 Google’s Webmaster Central Blog announced that page experience will be incorporated into the ranking factors for on-page search engine optimisation.

To introduce the article, Google says:

“Through both internal studies industry research , users show they prefer sites…

The fundamental success of marketing automation is consistency at scale. That consistency doesn’t just mean replicating a task ad infinitum , it means allowing a set of tasks to be grouped together in a way that makes them replicable whilst also allowing dynamic changes over time.

Successful automation should do the heavy lifting of your student acquisition and community building efforts but, as alluded to a lot in this series, careful planning and implementation are essential. So let’s look at the different types of marketing automation and what they can help with:

1. Email Marketing Automation

As mentioned earlier in the series email is…

If you write and publish content with the goal of bringing in traffic from search engines from people who are searching for related content, then you know how important it is to optimise your content for keywords.

However, a common mistake we see across the internet — from people right at the top of search results through to people in the graveyards of page 3 and beyond — is keyword placement.

Specifically, keyword stuffing.

This is what keyword stuffing looks like to Google.

So now that you’ve got your email campaign strategy sorted, what can you do on social channels to boost engagement? The battleground for the hashtag, retweet, like or share is intense so how can you stand out from the other institutions competing for eyes and ears?

Again this comes back to being helpful, authentic and relevant — with a dash of out of the box thinking. Your social media strategy needs to be joined up with your other marketing output in a way that promotes the very best you have to offer.

For example, if you are wanting to promote…

There’s so much talk about Marketing Automation on the web, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all that’s on offer, or lose sight of what the real benefits are for your marketing efforts.

To understand this exciting opportunity, let’s have a look at what is out there and the potential benefits of it.

What is the overall benefit of marketing automation?

The majority of internet users consume content across channels and devices and a marketing automation strategy makes it possible to keep up with individuals wherever they interact with your product, brand or service, and heighten the chances of meaningful connection.

This relies on software that streamlines marketing…

Matthew Johnson

Matt Johnson is Head of Marketing at Contra, a Digital Design and Digital Marketing Agency is Greenwich, London. He has also set up and sold two companies.

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